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*Non-subscribers receive 1st-year free, $9.95/yr. thereafter.
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The Miami Herald Rewards Card is used as a form of payment at participating merchants and is linked to the credit card you choose here. Applicable Herald Rewards Card charges and savings will appear on a monthly Herald Rewards Card statement. Once a month, Primecard will bill your linked credit card the total amount of your Herald Rewards expenses less your 25%-50% discount savings.
Allow 3-4 weeks for your Herald Rewards Card to be processed and mailed. If you have any questions, please email

Simply sign up to get a Herald Rewards card by linking to one of your existing credit cards, and start enjoying your discounts!
  • DINING: Over 200 South Florida restaurants to choose from
  • TRAVEL: Great hotels and resorts in the U.S., Mexico and the Caribbean
  • RETAIL: Florists, jewelry and more
  • SERVICES: Dry cleaners, day spas and entertainment
Thanks for your interest in the Miami Herald Rewards program! The Miami Herald Rewards Card powered by Primecard® is available to Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald subscribers who have had an active home delivery account for the past 90 days. It's a FREE program, with no sign-up or annual membership fees.
*Non-subscribers receive 1st-year free, $9.95/yr. thereafter.

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Participating Restaurants

Member Benefits
The Miami Herald Rewards Card provides members with exclusive savings opportunities of 25 - 50% at more than 1,000 restaurants, spas and sold-out events throughout South Florida and the New York metro area, as well as an array of travel destinations.

Rewards Card discounts include:
  • Dining: Over 200 South Florida restaurants to choose from
  • Travel: Great hotels and resorts in the U.S., Mexico and the Caribbean
  • Retail: Florists, jewelers and more
  • Services: Dry cleaners, day spas and entertainment
Best of all, there are no coupons. No expiration dates. And no membership fees. Just savings up to 50% when using your card - guaranteed.

How It Works
1. When you sign up, you'll register a credit card that will be linked to your Rewards Card for purchases.
2. When it's time to make a purchase, simply present your Rewards Card to the waiter or cashier, then sign the charge slip. This slip will reflect the full purchase price.
3. You will receive a monthly Rewards Card statement, which will note exactly what your purchase price was, and what you were actually billed. The difference reflects the percentage of your discount. You credit card statement will charge you for the discounted amount.
4. The savings does not apply to the tax and gratuity, which will be billed in full. Questions? Contact Maria Collazo, Customer Service Representative, at 1-800-444-8872, ext. 401. Or email

Please allow 3 - 4 weeks for your Miami Herald Rewards Card to be processed.

There is no cost to become a Miami Herald Rewards Card member. There will be a credit card authorization of $25.00 to verify that you have linked to a valid credit card. This authorization is not a charge.